9.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to raising beef & dairy cattle.

Cows produce on average 500 litres/day of methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than CO2.

Possible Solutions
Drastic reduction of meat & dairy consumption is a solution to reduce climate change. However, due to world population increase and growing welfare levels, demand for these products is increasing.

Available options reduce methane emission in cows by max 30%; these are either chemical products, products with undesirable side effects on the milk (bad smell or taste), or a high % of daily ration is needed to reach results.

Setting a new standard to
Fight climate change

When the BluGrass Blend is added (max. 1,5%) to the daily ration of a cow, methane emissions drop by up to 90%, while increasing general health and milk production.

How it works
Methane is formed by gut microbiomes. Microbiomes are affected by the host animal and its diet. When certain bacteria are present its rumen, the cow produces less methane.

BluGrass sets a new standard in reducing methane emissions in cows by bringing to market an organic feed ingredient that reduces methane emissions by up to 90%.

This special blend of herbs and seaweeds has additional health benefits for cows – increased milk yields, better health – and is safe for use on a daily basis.




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